Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vela Baja - The winter trip to paradise!

The Vela Windsurf Resort in Los Barriles, Mexico on the East Cape of Baja is the place to go and relax (train) to get ready for a new year. SMT is heading back down to ride with Todd Simmler and hang out with the Vela Baja staff again.

SMT will be escaping the cold from Jan 30 to Feb 6 in the dreamy and rehabilitating dry Baja heat to tour with long time guide and friend Todd Simmler at the Vela Windsurf Baja camp. Todd started his illustrious guide career here on the east-coast back in the 1990's. Yes, that means he has SKILLS! They have created an amazing trail system on the East Cape. These mountain trails are sure to challenge and delight as you climb up into the 5,000 ft. mountain range right from the coast.

After a solid days ride up in the mountains you can enjoy some fish tacos. You will be tempted by thoughts of a siesta but it's impossible to miss out on the warm relaxing sunshine. With the full package deal you can use the windsurfing gear (if you do that sorta thing) or sea-kayaks, stand up paddle boards, snorkeling gear and bicycles to cruise the coastline.

Check out the pictures. If you are real curious about the good times check out the video's below of snorkeling and mountain biking too.

Here are a few picture's

Check out this video of the snorkeling - fast forward to :35 is you have a short attention span

This clip has some nice rocky trail that grooves back and forth

This video is of a thin hard trail that wasn't quite finished yet

Gotta drop in towards the daily dose of fresh taco's!