Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sal came down to get in a HUGE climbing day, Leadville simulation training, what a beautiful day!

It was a great day of climbing. Up the long Union Springs climb with a bonus hot lap into Dunkle Hollow. It was amazing up on Shenandoah Mountain, the AC'ish cool breeze was blowing all day and the ferns were floating with a cool mixed light infused glow.
Nice work Sal Ruibal!
Thanks for training with SMT!

Monday, June 27, 2011

SVBC Wolf Ridge / Wild Oak Trail Work Day

Tyler Spulock using SMT's BOB trailer to transport some the hand tools needed for today's project
 Thomas Jenkins and his big pile of rocks
 Newly armored section of Wolf Ridge Trail

 Brushing crew getting ready deep in the GW National Forest

Kyle Lawrence brushing 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wild Oak Trail - Lookout Mountain - a better layout is coming!!

We are sooooo excited to make some changes to the steep and scary sections of trail coming down Lookout Mountain Check out the action that the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coaliton is moving forward with again!!

From Lookout Mountain Trail Layout - SVBC RTP Grant #2

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stoopid 50 Results are up!!

Super stoked about how great the Stoopid 50 was this year!  The weather was perfect, with a little rain shower, and the new course was fast! Check out the results to find out just how fast! Bob Popovich took some great pictures again. You can buy the prints from his site if you want a hi res hard copy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Stoopid 50 Race Brief - 2011

Stoopid 50 2011 Race Brief

There are some exciting course modifications for the 2011 event. The course looks tobe a singlespeeders dream. Three of the big hit singletrack headwalls areabsent from the 2011 route. The only section that has two-way traffic is thebig mountain pass over Thickhead Mountain on a wide grassydirt access road. The course has been enhanced to take advantage of the spring weather. We might make more improvements if we get any last minute storms likewe did last year.

While on the course we are asking that you ride on the rock causeways and narrowbridges and not in the bogs that are around them on Indian Trail after yourfirst passing of the Aid Station. If you have to stop and get off your bike towalk the bridge, please do so. These are ecologically significant and verysensitive areas. This will really help insure we maintain access to this amazing trail for this event.

The Pro men's race is going to be super HOT. Chris Beck (Team CF) is coming back tothe Rothrock for vindication after his melt down in the TSE. He got his firstbig pro win at this event in the early Penn/Roosevelt rendition and has thefitness to bring the title back to Baltimoreagain. His teammate Brandon Draugelis (Team CF) is poised to be his dreamcrusher. Brandonis on fire after his 3rd place ride in last weekends NUE Series –Mohican 100. Here is your list of other notables destined for part of thepodium. Mike Keefer (29er Crew/Gettysburg Bicycle / Hammer Nutrition)representing for the Harrisburg PA area, Pete Schildt (KeswickCycles) Ed Bush (Club Wissahickon/Engin Cycles) and Les Leach (from the Phillyregion, Dave Weaver (ALAN N. America Cycling Team) of Maryland MichaelTabasko (DCMTB) and Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor RacingTeam) of the Washington DC area and finally the State College PA Locals gunning for glory are James Kelly (NMBA) Chip Kogelmann(NMBA/Alpine/FreezeThaw). Justin Pokrivka (Pro Bikes/Cohen & Associates)might have some legs left at the Big Bear 2/12.

Women Pro are coming on strong for this one. Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw/Stan's NoTubes) is coming off of a 3rd place Transavania Epic. She pulledthat off with injured ribs, so this 50 should be a breeze. Cheryl Sornson (TeamCF) put in the great miles this winter to get ready for the Cape Epic StageRace. Her form is really coming on as she showed last weekend when she won theMohican 100. Her teammate, Carolyn Popovic (Team CF) has been representingtheir team nationally and is riding very well. They will have some talentedchasers such as Emily McDonald (VeloWorks-Spokes, Etc.), Misty Tilson(Shenandoah Mountain Touring) and Niki Thiemann (TeamCF)

The Master class is looking hot. Jay Dodge has been moving out this season. ScottRoot (DH/Nimmo Chiro/Highlands Training) has always been super fast, will he beon race day? Local Jim Matthews (MBR) is ready for the challenge on his localtrails.

The"SingleSpeed SHOWDOWN" part hoedown is going to be off the HOOK! Matt Ferrari(FreezeThaw/Hubcap Cycles) will be leading the charge. The locals are hoping hewill be their man again. This year's course could even see him challenge Beckand Draugelis for the overall. Topher Valenti (BikeSport) is coming out for acameo.  Zack Morrey('s Racing/Maxxis) will be coming off the Big Bear 2/12 theday before. But that shouldn't slow him down. Montana Miller (Wilderness Voyageurs/ I9 /Niner) is coming on, Dan Atkins(Trek 29er Crew) is representing for Marylandand The Bat Man - Batbayar Batchuluun is DC's great hope with a darn goodchance for the podium. Bernie Shiao (Kelly BenefitStrategies) has good fitness for this ride, lets see how the rocks treat him.Aaron Hofelt (Rothrock All-Stars/NMBA) isthe"Elf'n" like good guy aiming to have the most fun, watch our for that! Whoknows what kind of heat Chris Ruhl (Freeze Thaw Cycles), TravisColdsmith (Indy Fab/ Cupcake) and Robert Lochner (IronCity Bikes) will be bringing, but it could be a lot!
For those arriving Saturday (today) at Aiken's Cabins – Park in the gravel lot andset up your camp in the grass. If you are arriving Sunday just for the ride,park in the gravel portion of the Tussey Ski area lot on the left just beforeAikens Cabins which is located on the right side of the road.           
 Aid Station Drops –
Toss your bag in a bin at the aid station when you are done with it, so you can getit back quicker. If you want to access your bag for the 2nd pass,toss it to the other side of the triangle for the next pass – then the bin whenyou are done. We will have enough food and water out there for you, so you donot need anything of that nature in your bag. We have a small stock of waterbottles pre-filled so you can grab one and leave your empty behind. We alsohave jugs to quick fill bladders.                                                                                                                                                                      
Final Details –
We have a shower set up behind the first cabin.
Food will not be served until 2 pm post event – 1 serving until all racers are finished
Huge thanks to the Rothrock State Forestand Nittany Mountain Bike Association for hosting us all on these very fun trails.
Hope you are looking forward to your Stoopid 50 pint glass, Clem's BBQ, and Elk Creek Café and Aleworks at the finish line!

Cheers -

SMT and Local Partners –

Freeze Thaw Cycles- running the event aid station
The Bicycle Shop State College- Serving your post-race meal
Nittany Mountain Bike Association- keepin' it real and making it all work out!  Supporting the trails and logistics

Stan'sNo Tubes – they make every ride better!
PurpleLizard Maps – they can map your dream trails!        
Heed/ Hammer Gel – your nutrition for sustained power!    

Shenandoah Mountain Touring, LLC.
P.O. Box 1423
Harrisonburg, VA 22803

(540) 434-2087