Thursday, May 27, 2010

Massanutten is going off right now - Hoo Ha! US Cup in 3 weeks!

Mountain Bike Racing's finest - US Cup is coming to Virginia

Massanutten's Hoo Ha!  will host the final of the US Cup Triple Crown

The new trail at Massanutten is soooo nice with the mountain laurel blooming
Summer solstice will make the event sooo nice!

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stokesville Douthat Stokesville 3 day

What a ride. It is sooooo nice to stop before Little Mare, eat a nice dinner, get some rest and save the "nightmare" for the next day.

The crew heading towards IMBA' Southern Traverse. The Traverse is the super wonderful southern most section of the Shenandoah Mountain Trail. It was designated as an IMBA Epic in 2000. Virginia's George Washington and Jefferson National Forests have over 2,000 miles of trails open to bicycles. These forests have become well known amid mountain bikers as a place where one can get very deep into the backcountry and experience unparreled solitude. You find yourself in an amazing environment where man is just a visitor and only natural processes are noticed by the naked eye.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

SDS Video Recap!

The SDS 2 Day ride was a great time this past weekend! We were able to shoot some amazing video of the spectacular trail we visited along the way. Check out the following videos and get out there to check it out yourself!

Check out Pete rolling on the Southern Traverse!

Joel, Jon Poz and Pete roll a bit of Beards Mountain Trail in day 2 of SDS - what a nice ridge overlooking the Cowpasture River in the Mountains of Virginia!

SMT guide Mike Carpenter takes a sweet pull on the top half of Chimney Hollow Trail on Crawford Mountain with Joel Maynard shooting video!

Chris having some fun on Beards Mountain outside of Douthat State Park

More of Chris on Beards, rolling onto the Beards Mountain Spur!

The final section of the Beards Mountain Spur headed down to the swinging bridge over the Cowpasture River!

Don't forget, we are doing the 3-Day version this weekend! Saturday through Monday, so give us a shout if you want to get in!

Some more coverage!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sue Haywood rolling Beards Mountain Trail during the SDS 2 day ride last weekend - a few spots remain for this weekends 3 day SDS ride

The Stokesville Douthat Stokesville ride was amazing last weekend
Singletrack bicycling over, on and along 8 amazing mountains in the George Washington National Forest
Check out the details and sign up for our 3 day ride this weekend May 15-17th

If you need a little help getting motivated here is a quick video clip of the last section of singletrack on day 1 in the 3 day ride

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Clearing Great North Mountain (Elliotts Knob) and Crawford Mountain for our bicycle rides

What a fun day in the mountains on Saturday
We started on Hite Hollow Rd. and went North to Rt. 250
An amazing day in the George Washington National Forest
We cleared over 20 trees blocking the trail

An amazing place to find solitude on a bicycle ride
The backcountry is so remote
We actually saw a few hikers this time
The wildflowers add great color to the trail

Monday, May 3, 2010

SDS 2 Day is on for this weekend! 3-Day coming up next weekend!

Spent the heat of yesterday on Little Mare Mountain with Matt Smith taking care of some of the last bit of winter downfall on the SDS route! Matt and I even sampled the last section of the ride checking out the full Little Mare Trail to the Brushy Ridge Trail and on into Douthat State Park.

The Forest Service has cut a new fire line in on Brushy Ridge. Cuts through the trail in a section or two but didn't really hurt the tread.  Here you can see the fireline just headed right down the mountain just off the first switchback headed downhill on the Brushy Ridge Trail. The trail keeps going to the left here so don't let the fireline fool you!

The weather is looking to be nice this weekend! Highs of 70ish, some clouds on Saturday, and looking at some solid Sun for Sunday! The route should be beautiful for the weekend, and with flowers like this pink lady slipper orchid popping up, there should be plenty of color to look at!

Here is the detail for the 3-Day SDS ride May 15-17! Come and join us for a spectacular ride some of the best singletrack riding around!