Sunday, March 20, 2011

Temperance Bell, GA goodness part 3

Oliver into the hurt locker
Had to protect him in the group for a WHILE!
And the loop d loop began
A quick hot lap at the moto park
Some chunky piste roads on the way around
And Oliver reawakens and sneaks away for the last one!

Temperance Bell super silky GA road day part 1

Super sweet southern rolling today
Got out early
Stayed out late
111 miles of the goods

After the Oconee Fire loop we rolled back on some choice silky sections into Athen's

Super nice silky dirt roads in the later afternoon
Visited the Kelly memorial in downtown Athen's
Memorial status already and the blood isn't even a day old yet
Mad Moon Rising over GA!

Rolling the loamy dirt roads of GA in the Oconee National Forest - on Fire!