Monday, March 7, 2011

Dragon's Tale is a month out

SMT's first event is just a few weeks away on April 3rd just west of Roanoke, Virginia in New Castle on Craigs Creek. It's a delightful time to ride your bike in the Jefferson National Forest. The route is very challenging singletrack once you roll up Rt. 311 for the nuetral start and dash threw a few creek crossings on the fireroad as you climb towards the narrow singletrack. Register HERE and VOLUNTEER NOW!

We have some cool videos from last years ride you must check out

Check out the video as Chris jumps in behind Sam Koerber (Gary Fisher 29 Crew) on the last bit of ridge on Ferrier Trail just before he flats allowing Tim Mosher (Champion Systems/Cannondale) to pass 1:30 into the video! Chris rolls the last of the ridge with Tim and 5 minutes in, the clip starts rocking as Tim rolls a sweet downhill section and David Wood latches on and challenges for the lead!

After hitting the downhill with Tim, Chris catches up with second place David Wood (Gary Fisher 29 Crew) heading up the last short climb before rocking the last fast downhill before the short road section to the finish. Check out David's solid climb HERE!

With the last climb over, the excitement continues as David Wood obliterates the downhill with his smooth, flowing, action! It took Chris 40 some seconds to catch onto David so be patient or jump ahead to the good stuff!

Now in third place, and not wanting to give in after his flat, Sam Koerber really turns it on and puts in a HUGE effort on the last section of road leading to the finish. Chris jumps in to film all the action, speeding his way to the finish with Sam. See Sam's all out effort below.

Come down and camp with SMT and enjoy a great early spring mountain bike weekend in the Jefferson National Forest.

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