Monday, May 3, 2010

SDS 2 Day is on for this weekend! 3-Day coming up next weekend!

Spent the heat of yesterday on Little Mare Mountain with Matt Smith taking care of some of the last bit of winter downfall on the SDS route! Matt and I even sampled the last section of the ride checking out the full Little Mare Trail to the Brushy Ridge Trail and on into Douthat State Park.

The Forest Service has cut a new fire line in on Brushy Ridge. Cuts through the trail in a section or two but didn't really hurt the tread.  Here you can see the fireline just headed right down the mountain just off the first switchback headed downhill on the Brushy Ridge Trail. The trail keeps going to the left here so don't let the fireline fool you!

The weather is looking to be nice this weekend! Highs of 70ish, some clouds on Saturday, and looking at some solid Sun for Sunday! The route should be beautiful for the weekend, and with flowers like this pink lady slipper orchid popping up, there should be plenty of color to look at!

Here is the detail for the 3-Day SDS ride May 15-17! Come and join us for a spectacular ride some of the best singletrack riding around!

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