Sunday, February 7, 2010

SVBC Superbowl Ride turned into the Superbackcountry Ski - HUGE day on Shenandoah Mountain!

We got the total hook up today
A serendipitous meeting with Jeremy and the Shenandoah 4 Wheelers
They towed us up the mountain on our skis
We would have been hard pressed to do the loop with out their assistance
Sorry that Joel and Trevor missed the ride
I will have to post a picture show of the day
Super tight
Marty Quinn dazzled us with this effortless powder turns
Nick Waite was taking the "Pro" lines too
Looped it from Flagpole to Meadow Knob
Two bonus laps from Pond Knob towards Oak Knob
and back up for the Pond drop in
Ended up dropping off the nose for the drainage towards "Red Diamond"
Came out right around the waterfall
We hit the road just as the trucks were coming down
perfect timing!!
Insane day!
Totally wrecked!

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