Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jackpot! My black raspberries waited for our return from the Stoopid 50 - anxiety blah!

Yes, it is true, everyone has their worries
It is super hard for me to head off for a week of work
With the thought that my yearly berry delight won't be here when I return
Eventhough State College and the events we do are always a joy
Catching up with friends - Chipper, Joe, Straubber, Worm, Fred Handel, Harry, and all the new babbies and growing kids
Gotta mention how much I enjoy people... watching on college and beaver
Getting ice cream at the Creamery and Meyer Dairy
Pizza at Facia Luna
Beer at Elk Creek or Otto's
This year I got to see Pete Buckland and Aaron Pontzner rock out metal style late night on the strip - thanks Straubber!
PA also has the porcupine, amazing ferns, heathly rattle snakes and fuzzy black bears
What a great place!

Thanks Brit and Clay at Freeze Thaw and Eric and Mary Anne at The Bicycle Shop for all the event support
Huge thanks to the Nittany Mountain Biking Association - Kevin, Ho, Yoda, Mike, Jim, Frank, and the honorable Mr. Rich Wurtz!
Mike Hermann at Purple Lizard Maps
Bob Popovich for helping and taking great pics again
Cathy DeSanto for everything
The crew at Elk Creek Cafe and Aleworks- a great place for your pre Wilderness 101 dinner!

Time to eat a round of those berries with some fresh granola and yogurt

Nice work this weekend Jake
Thanks to everyone who came and raced with us or helped out

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