Monday, December 6, 2010

Amazing snow ride on Great North Mountain Trail in Virginia's George Washington National Forest

Good times in the GW on the old "Dante's Inferno" loop
Winter is here!
Judge Rye Road up onto Devils Hole Mountain
Drop in on Long Mountain Trail
into and back up and out of Trout Pond Campground
Super fun technical ridge on Great North Mountain Trail
to the tight and fun switchbacks on Stack Rock Trail
Laurel Run Road back down to the parking lot.
Good times!
The road bed that is listed as a trail needs a lot of drainage work on the slopes above Trout Pond Campground - a job for the Lee District Sweco!
Everything else is wonderful!!
Thanks PATC and the Equestrian's (Diane) from the Old Dominion 100 for keeping Great North Mountain Trail cut back, those briars can be brutal in the summer!!

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