Monday, April 25, 2011

Alpine Loop - Bicycling The Choice Dirt Mountain Roads

Abe and Nick rolling towards the questionable weather
Ryan Fawley having a REAL good time rolling down Rt. 33 west with JB right on his tail
Fultz Gap is super steep but sooo amazingly cool
Heading back over to Moreland Gap
Nick Waite gave the pro tour acceleration into Sugar Grove, it was impressive
Chris Scott enjoying a huge day in the mountains with these all-stars
Sugar Grove is where the climb up the backside of Reddish begins
Rolling down Rt. 924 from Briery Branch Gap (Reddish Knob area)

A quick hit into WV for the Alpine Loop
It really is sooooo good, but SUPER HARD!
Pedaling squares, rectangles, triangles.... every shape I could think of
Just to get back over the backside of Reddish Knob
Shenandoah Mountain is a doooozie
Nick Waite, Johnnnnny Youngdahl, Jeremiah Bishop, Abe Shearer, Ryan
Fawley, and I went over to the dark side (WV) for the big burley

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  1. This is a great, but tough course. A good alternative when the MTB trails are too wet for judicious riding. Bring your Big Boy Pants.