Thursday, May 12, 2011

SDS 2 Day Recap!

We had an awesome time on the Stokesville-Douthat-Stokesville 2 Day tour this past weekend!  The trails were beautiful and big thanks to Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition for clearing the way on those trails! Dowells Draft was pristine and had a great flow as usual, look for yourself --> VIDEO. There were great views along Shenandoah Mountain Trail. Thin shale barren singletrack bursting with spring blooms as you drop into the swinging bridge over the cowpasture river after riding along the super scenic Beards Mountain Trail VIDEO. Fore Mountain Trial and Brushy Ridge trail were riding better then they ever have. Check out VIDEO of lower Fore - the sound has been removed on this clip. The long rock gardens after Elliott’s Knob were pushing us to the limit and the sticky green moss to the wide open trail of the lower flanks towards Crawford made us feel like we were on a landspeeder for a looong time.

Here are some amazing pictures of the experience from Pat Miller.

Huge thanks to everyone involved for making it a great weekend!  Looking forward to the 3 day version this weekend!!!

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