Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Spent yesterday afternoon catching up with a ride I used to do outside of Big Island, VA starting at the Dancing Creek Overlook just North of Otter Creek Campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are lots of current and old fire roads in the National Forest in this area, all of which providing for great riding and some spectacular views. Many of these old fire roads are pretty grown up and more or less have turned into singletrack in some areas.

Unmapped short cut single track trail between two fire roads at the bottom. Most likely an older grown up fire road. Fun in both directions!

The fire road goes through this culvert and under the parkway. Nice with about an inch or two of water running through it. Bats too!

Gravel road climb!

Under the parkway off the gravel road.

Grassy road climb from the parkway to Bluff Mountain.

The view off to the right on the fire road climb up to Bluff Mountain.

Thunder Ridge off in the distance.

The old Belle Cove trail is off to the left here dropping down the other side of the mountain from the Saltlog Gap trail. It was destroyed during the 1995 flood and was never resurrected. A sign notes its permanent closing.

You can see a remnant of the Belle Cove trail start here where folks have been walking to read the sign. Not much noticeable after that though. 

The trail drops down and runs the top of a cliff overlooking this view and an old, but still somewhat operational stone quarry. 

The trail disappears for a bit as it has been cut through by the quarry. Ride down into the quarry road and keep an eye to your left. Short hike-a-bike up to the rest of the trail.

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