Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still excited from Dragon's Tale!

Still pumped up after the success of Dragon's Tale. The venue, the trails, the weather, it all came together and we had a blast!

Ryan Fawley(Trek Mountain Co-Op) clears the steep switchback at the top of Grouse Trail.

We nabbed some super hot photos during the race, check out these riders enjoying a long day on their bike in the Jefferson National Forest!

Cheryl Sornson(Team CF) dominated the women's race, and finished 11th among the men!

Chris Scott hooked us up with some super hot race videos as well!

Check out the video as Chris jumps in behind Sam Koerber (Gary Fisher 29 Crew) on the last bit of ridge on Ferrier Trail just before he flats allowing Tim Mosher (Champion Systems/Cannondale) to pass 1:30 into the video! Chris rolls the last of the ridge with Tim and 5 minutes in, the clip starts rocking as Tim rolls a sweet downhill section! See it HERE!

After hitting the downhill with Tim, Chris catches up with second place David Wood (Gary Fisher 29 Crew) heading up the last short climb before rocking the last fast downhill before the short road section to the finish. Check out David's solid climb HERE!

With the last climb over, the excitement continues as David Wood obliterates the downhill with his smooth, flowing, action! Check it HERE!

Now in third place, and not wanting to give in after his flat, Sam Koerber really turns it on and puts in a HUGE effort on the last section of road leading to the finish. Chris jumps in to film all the action, speeding his way to the finish with Sam. See Sam's effort HERE!

Men's Podium

Women's Podium

Cycling News has a great report on the Dragon's Tale!

The Dragon's Tale was great, thanks to all the racers for coming out, and the volunteers helping us get the trails ready and put on the event!
SDS singletrack tour is coming in May! Check it out and contact me us if you are interested in joining us. Its going to be awesome!

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